Softwares: Best & Worst Debt Settlement, Consolidation & Debt Related CRM’s

Before you get excited, slow down. This will not list all software companies in all industries, this post reveals only the top software companies in America that are in the debt, debt settlement ,tax resolution, credit repair bankruptcy, foreclosure, mortgage and financial services industry. This survey was conducted by Paul Paquin CEO at Golden Financial Services who did extensive research into this arena.

Firstly, for a lead management system to be ideal for a financial services or debt relief company there are certain items that need to be fine tuned, the system needs to be as technologically advanced as possible. There are many factors that play into part here.  For example, in the debt relief and financial services industry sales executives need to masterfully work their pipeline of leads, distinguishing the best leads to prioritize, and enhancement of reminder functions such as automatically dialing of appointments, all this can be the difference between a Fortune 500 company or your neighborhood candy store. Do you want to operate a Fortune 500 Company or would you rather work at McDonalds. Nothing against McDonalds, but I am just trying to characterize ambitions, from a profitability standpoint and not meaning to insult.

How big do you want to get? If you want to experience astronimcially high profitability and growth, then having items in place such as integrated predictive and power dialer, along with a phone system all integrated to your lead managerment crm system to track and record calls, automatically dial appointments and utilize local caller id features used to appear that you are in the potential client’s town. Enhanced marketing and lead security derivatives captured and much more. Top of the list.

Debt Pay Pro wins for Affordability and Efficiency – one client said “Hands down the best Debt Settlement CRM on the market. I’ve never seen such an intuitive and feature full program.”

Debt Pay Pro

Vonage takes last place – one client said “Vonage is the worst phone company for a business.

Vonage customers often complain of systems needing to be reset and issues often occurring. On a positive note, Vonage offers affordable home phone plans, for as low as $25 per month. For a home phone Vonage is efficient, but for a business solution they lack in many areas. Firstly and foremost, Vonage doesn’t enable the setup of queues and integration with lead management systems. A business needs to setup queues, for example, a queue for radio, a queue for referrals from one affiliate to another, a queue for Spanish, etc…  Additionally, to be a top business phone system solution you need to also offer a predictive and power dialer, like BlueRock.

BlueRock also integrates with Debt Pay Pro mentioned on number one, therefore by utilizing these two companies you can have a state of the art operating system for your debt settlement company.

Now are you offering the best debt relief programs? If you want to learn about debt settlement affiliate options visit this page next. Golden Financial Services does offer branch office opportunity options. 


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