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Thank you for contacting us here at Golden Financial Services.  We look forward to helping you with getting a small business loan. 

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We will run your application through our software and find the right lender for you.  We have relationships with a variety of lenders including banks and private institutions where we will find you the best small business loan option available, based on your unique business needs.  We have been in business since 2004 and we are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

In the meantime make sure that you have a detailed plan. 

What are you looking to do with your loan? 

What areas of your business are you looking to invest in? 

What type of return on your investment are you expecting to see?

We can also help you with developing a solid business plan based on our experience with small businesses around the country.  For example, if you are looking to get a loan for marketing, check out this piece that we just published in our blog.

The more detailed your plan is, the more likely it is for us to loan you all the money that you are looking for.

We will also need to see 3 months worth of bank statements from your business account that you are wanting us to fund the loan to.  You may want to get the bank statements ready for us.

Background on Golden Financial Services

Golden Financial Services started out as a debt relief company back in 2004.  Here is our other website where we help consumers with debt relief.   This is our business website where we help business owners like you, with obtaining small business loans.

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