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Get a Small Business Loan Today!  Is money holding back your business from growing?  Golden Financial Services can help your organization develop and reap the profits.  We can help turn your business dreams into reality by unlocking the capital you need to expand and succeed.

Does Bank Approval For a Small Business Loan Seem Impossible? 

Banks rely heavily on credit scores when approving small business loans.  However, Golden Financial Services does not require a high credit score for your business loan to be approved! 

We are pleased to announce that applicants with credit scores as low as 500 can still be approved through Golden Financial Services!

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Small Business Loans + Financing

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How Do I Get a Small Business Loan?

The process is simple.  If you answer “yes” to the three pre-qualification questions below, then we will guide you through the application process and generate your loan approval within one business day.   

We work with a variety of lenders including banks and private institutions, so we are equipped to fast track your loan approval and deliver you the best rates possible.

Prequalification Questions

If you answer “yes” to all three questions, then Golden Financial Services can most likely get your business loan approved.

1.  Have you been in business for more than one year?

2.  Is your annual revenue greater than $150,000?    

3.  Do you have an average bank balance of $3,000 or greater?

Our Small Business Loans Features Include

  • Options ranging from $5,000 – $150,000.
  • Approval within One Business Day.
  • Funding within 2 to 5 business days.

Common Uses for a Small Business Loan

Most small business owners are looking to invest in key areas of their businesses that will enhance growth and stability.

Business Loans to Pay for Marketing:


With a $100,000 business loan, your company can establish a successful marketing campaign.  With an effective marketing plan implemented over twelve months, your company will reap financial rewards of increased output and yield an excellent return on your investment.  

Common marketing strategies include investing in a content generating team, pay-per-click ads, online marketing services, direct mail, television, radio, and newspaper advertising. 

At Golden Financial Services, we also have a marketing department team that helps small business owners develop effective and profitable marketing strategies.

Small Business Loans for Equipment, Machinery, and Inventory

Business loans can also be used to purchase trucks, business vehicles, office equipment, furniture, hair salon gear, spa equipment, computers, computer software, auto repair equipment, and restaurant inventory.  Restaurant business owners may need to purchase a new oven or delivery vehicles.  Doctors need to purchase medical equipment including ultrasound machines and automated blood analyzers.  In the auto repair industry, a business owner will sometimes need a new garage.  The possibilities of what you can do with your small business loan are virtually endless.  

Hiring Employees

Most business owners hire new employees in order to expand their businesses.  Each employee has a limited output capacity with how many sales they can generate and ultimately how much they can do. 

Small business loans provide you with the necessary capital to hire employees, which will lead to increased productivity and a higher return on your investment.

Expanding Your Facility

When business grows and new employees are hired, expanding your office space is often necessary.  A business owner may obtain a loan to pay a general contractor to build additional space, or they may elect to use their new loan to move into a larger facility. 

As a business owner, you need to think on terms of capital expansion. 

Analyze all aspects of your business for improvement because the overall goal of borrowing money is to make money.  

If you borrow $10,000, your goal should be to make $100,000 from that money.

Ultimately, whatever your plan is, we can provide you with the capital needed to make it a reality. 

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Small Business Loan Today!


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