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Let’s take a look at some of our past work:
Golden Financial Services

In 2011 the company was on the urge of shutting down due to the fact that they could not find a lead vendor to purchase legit leads from. We began working on Golden Financial Services Adwords and Marketing in 2011. By 2015 Golden Financial Services shot past literally thousand’s of their competitors on Google and started ranking on Page One of Google for Hundred’s of competitive keywords, and even #1, #2 and #3 on Google for several competitive phrases including a few of the following examples:

Go onto Google and type in: “credit card relief programs, or “san diego debt relief”, or “san diego debt consolidation”, or “what is the best credit card relief program company in the US”, or “Georgia debt relief”, “Colorado debt relief”, “debt settlement services”. You will find either www.Goldenfs or NoMoreCreditCards.com at the top of Google for any of these examples.

The technical side of what we do, pertaining to Digital Marketing and Adwords Help.

With Adwords you deposit money to show your ads on Google, but if you are not an expert at managing Google Adwords your money will be lost in the competition, and you will not convert any leads. However if you know what you are doing with Adwords, like our Gooogle Adwords certified specialists do, we can get your ads on the top of Google with 5-star review snippets showing, and convert your dollars into profit, minimize your cost per acquisition and provide you a high return on investment. Why pay a lead company so that they can grow their lead generation machine, grow your own machine, and eventually generate leads organically, and for free! Improve your website’s value.

I mean would you pay your neighbor to improve their lawn, buy them beautiful marble counters, and re-due their garden and siding on the house, maybe build them an extra room in the house, and all just so that naturally by improving their property value it will also bring your value up slightly? No of course not! So why pay some lead company so that they can improve their sites and build a beautiful lead generating mansion, we can build that lead generating mansion on your site, so that you have equity gains on your site, you control the leads and have only the highest quality exclusive leads coming in. Your business can literally have non-stop calls coming in, people wanting to buy or sign up!

Initially 99% of your leads will come form Adwords, but over time this will shift and over time you will generate leads organically (the free way).

We believe in using Adwords not only to generate immediate leads, but also as a way to develop a long-term search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy.

We provide Adwords optimization services using advanced features such as:

  • geographic/location data optimization to boost Adwords Performance
  • keyword insertion the right way
  • advanced location targeting
  • using Adwords to develop keyword research and to adapt an organic strategy with Adwords data
  • utilization of search ads, email ads, remarking and display ads
  • provide landing page development utilizing amazing designs and high converting landing pages through proven mythology
  • recognize IP addresses that are most likely competitors clicking on ads and waiting your money, and we exclude these IP’s
  • ensuring your forms are secure and high performing, maximizing your lead flow
  • provide consulting services for better lead management and phone system integration
  • regularly monitoring and paying close attention to areas that can be improved, and keeping up with Googles constant algorithm updates and policy changes
  • schedule ads corresponding to the bandwidth of our sales 
  • A/B testing with landing pages and ad copy


What is our Digital Marketing Strategy look like?

  • this starts with extensive keyword and subject research
  • competitor research, finding trends that work and have proven success, deciding on areas that we can do better in than competitors, utilizing avenues ranging from Google insights, to surveys, to tools that allow us to spy on your competitor
  • obtain the best guest posts on industry leading sites that will send you powerful links back to your money pages, illustrating to Google that you are the authority site, leveraging this to pull your keywords to the top of Google and get you lots of leads
  • creating compelling content and images, including info-graphics, calculators, iPhone Apps, videos, podcasts and much more
  • implementing off-site SEO to magnify on-site goals
  • finding authority figures for your industry, interacting and building relationships with them, ultimately getting them to share and read our creations, leading Google to see YOU AS THE TRUE AUTHORITY and put YOUR SITE ABOVE YOUR COMPETITORS
  • getting reviews from real customers, and setting up review sites, profiles and local listings and even implementing a review section on your site
  • setting up and optimizing your social media, providing regular updates, designing beautiful profile images, and much more!
  • building social media relationships and ultimately growing your community
  • building high quality links to key pages with a variety of anchor text
  • the company stays up to date with Google’s policies and abides by their policies

Traffic increases and conversion statistics will all be illustrated through Google analytics and the best analytics tools used to illustrate everything from link changes to keyword rankings.

Are you ready to Hire a Digital Marketing & Adwords Agency? EMAIL: PAUL@GOLDENFS.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION.



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