SKAGS – Hack a High Quality Score & Generate 1,000s of Leads

  What are SKAGs? SKAG’s are — “single keyword ad groups”. By using a single keyword inside an ad group you can hack a high-quality score and generate way more leads! Here is an example: Before we separated the keyword “consolidate debts” into its own ad group it was generating leads at a high conversion more »

Softwares: Best & Worst Debt Settlement, Consolidation & Debt Related CRM’s

Before you get excited, slow down. This will not list all software companies in all industries, this post reveals only the top software companies in America that are in the debt, debt settlement ,tax resolution, credit repair bankruptcy, foreclosure, mortgage and financial services industry. This survey was conducted by Paul Paquin CEO at Golden Financial Services more »

Is Foreclosure Ever A Good Option?

When it comes to real estate, the real “f” word is “foreclosure.” No one likes to talk about it and certainly no one wants to undergo foreclosure proceedings, but foreclosures do happen from time to time. Of course, there are other options that can help you avoid the odious trial and error of a foreclosure. more »